Complete Turn-Key Wireless Solutions

We help ensure project success from start to finish. We have extensive experience with enterprise, stadium, education, healthcare, and municipal wireless projects to provide assistance with:

  • Customer requirements gathering and scope creation
  • Field site survey and measurements
  • Develop system design to meet customer requirements
  • Determine equipment and construction requirement
  • Implement system with project management oversight
  • Final network certification following testing procedures
  • Turnover wireless network to customer

Wireless Site Survey and Design

Together we will work through these stages to get it right the first time:

  • Pre-Survey Questionnaire (PSQ): We gather information about the environment and wireless needs to prepare for the site survey.
  • Design document: After the survey, we supply a document containing complete technical details, propagation diagrams and a bill of materials.
  • All-inclusive delivery: We order all of the necessary equipment and burn-in, configure, stage and install the new hardware keeping the responsibility ours.
  • Network certification: We complete the job by verifying the power levels, the channel plan and other network design aspects to make sure the end result matches the original plan.

Wireless Systems Consulting

We are a partner, available to provide additional information or complement existing expertise. We understand the need for:

  • Short-term & long-term system planning within a budget
  • Network upgrades, changes and extra capacity
  • Speed, reliability and management of WLAN networks
  • Wireless capacity and RF assessment

Wireless Security Consulting and Risk Management

We take security seriously and make it our business. Our Sales and Engineering teams will help determine the ideal security solution through a step-by-step process:

  • Information Security Self Assessment (ISSA): We gather information about security needs and those imposed by regulatory entities.
  • Security audits: We audit new or existing wireless networks for regulatory compliance (HIPAA, SOX, PCI).
  • Security proposal: We make recommendations for the best wireless security options.
  • Security implementation: We deploy the best solution for a blazing-fast and truly secure wireless network.


We collaborate to address the wireless problem. We can diagnose the cause, propose a solution and make the changes. Issues we've helped clients overcome include:

  • Malfunctioning wireless networks
  • Wireless client issues (mobile devices, VoIP handsets, Barcode scanners, tablets, etc.)
  • Access Point interference
  • Poor wireless system performance
  • Cabling and infrastructure related issues