Das Small Cell Solutions

CTS and Distributed Antenna Systems, a logical combination

In 2004, CTS established our presence in the wireless world. In the past decade, we have installed over five thousand Distributed Antenna System networks. Our experiences with these deployments have allowed us to develop extensive consulting, engineering design and deployment capabilities which allow us to match the needs of both location owners and service providers.

Distributed Antenna Systems

About Our Practice

We design and deploy indoor and outdoor Distributed Antenna System (IDAS, Small Cell and ODAS) networks that both meet and exceed carrier grade specifications while meeting the needs of our customers and local public safety requirements.

Our Services Offered

CTS provides a full complement of services needed to deliver a best-in-class services for our customer's wireless projects. From site surveying, to the associated engineering and design, to the network installation, testing and optimization, CTS provides each of its customers with a superior experience. We work with our customers in a collaborative method and we believe our turnkey network services allow us to provide customers with the most value for IDAS, Small cell and ODAS deployments.