Maintain Optimal Performance

Once a DAS has been fully installed and is operational, CTS offers a suite of services to maintain their system at optimal performance throughout its life cycle. CTS' Maintenance and Monitoring (M&M) Program offers multiple service levels to fit each customer's specific requirements and budgetary constraints. Services range from time and materials maintenance to full turnkey annual preventive maintenance, around the clock monitoring, initial alarm diagnosis, emergency dispatch and repair, firmware upgrades, alarm trending analysis, periodic progress reports and the like. Custom offerings can also be crafted to meet a customer's or venue's specific needs, including multiple carrier participants of neutral host systems.

The goal of CTS is to provide each system owner a customized solution offering a predictable cost of ownership and peace of mind, enabling the customer to focus on its core business matters.

Supported Systems

CTS designs, installs, and commissions all its DAS using the most current Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products available in the industry. In maintaining these systems, its engineers and technicians are trained and certified by the manufacturer in the proper operation of its individual systems. Below is a sample of the products CTS supports.

  • ADRF
  • Commscope/Andrew
  • Corning Mobile Access
  • Cradlepoint Modems
  • CSI
  • Digi Modems
  • Eaton UPS Systems
  • Emerson UPS Systems
  • JMA
  • Solid
  • Tyco/ADC/LGC Wireless
  • Zinwave

Related Services

In addition to maintenance and monitoring of new individual DAS, CTS also assists its customers in the management of its inventory of in-building sites in a given geographic region. Over time systems can degrade, documentation becomes unavailable or out-of-date, hardware becomes obsolete, sites are decommissioned, personnel changes occur and the like. The services below are typical of those that help customers manage these issues throughout each site's life cycle:

  • Site Surveys and System Configuration Audits
  • System "As-Built" Documentation Development
  • Remote Alarming Recommendations
  • Web-accessible database for all documents and data

These services, combined with CTS' maintenance and monitoring, provide its customers with a comprehensive solution to managing all its in-building systems and requirements.